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Custom Core Support Roller for Converting Machinery

BC M0383
BC M0383
Custom Core Support Roller
Custom Core Support Roller

N.E.T. & Die, Inc. manufactured the core support roller shown here for use in converting equipment. Material of construction was ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene - its low friction and high wear properties made it an ideal choice for this machinery application. We carefully choose plastic-specific cutting tools and applied them at low pressures to remove material cleanly and accurately. By programming the optimal spindle speed on our Mori-Seiki horizontal turning center, we were able to form the contours to within tolerances of ±.001" while also achieving a 125 RMS surface finish.

Once completed, the roller featured an outer diameter of 2.25", inner diameter of 0.80", and measured 3.7" in length. Dimensional and visual inspections confirmed that we satisfied the requirements of the customer’s specifications. We currently produce these components in quantities from 10-1000 units/order within a two-week timeframe.

To learn more about this project, or how our specialized skills for producing precision parts from plastic materials, contact us today.

Custom Core Support Roller Highlights

Product Name
Core Support Roller
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Machining
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Mori-Seiki: NL1500MC/500 CNC Lathe With 6 Axis Live Tooling
  • CNC Turning
Overall Part Dimensions
Outer Diameter : 2.25"
Inner Diameter : 0.80"
Length: 3.7"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
Material Finish
125 RMS (Surface Roughness)
In process testing/inspection performed
Measurement Inspection
Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Converting Machinery
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 Weeks
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
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