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About N.E.T. & Die, Inc.

N.E.T. & Die, Inc. was founded 51 years ago by Harry Shatrau. As a former machinist of government military components Harry desired to fulfill his dream of starting his own company that could provide quality manufacturing services to many OEM's. Operated today by 2nd generation family members and 3rd generation machinists N.E.T. & Die, Inc. has continued to fulfill Harry's dreams by playing an integral role assisting industrial OEM's in meeting and exceeding their own manufacturing goals.

Today N.E.T. & Die, Inc. has been providing sub-contract machining services for a large variety of industrial manufacturers for over 51 years. We provide full turnkey services beginning with procurement of castings, extrusions and wrought material through machining, fabricating, heat treating, grinding, plating, painting, powder coating and sub-assembly of customer products and components.

We are a stocking sub-contract manufacture supporting our customer's requirements by providing manufacturing agreements where finished customer products are stocked at our facility for immediate shipment. This service allows us to provide complete product responsibility on behalf of our customers to alleviate all procurement procedures so that our customers order and receive a quality finished product in a timely manner ready for assembly or shipment to their customer. All processes and requirements to produce the product become the responsibility of N.E.T. & Die, Inc.

Our extensive experience in manufacturing has encompassed Hydro, Oil and Gas Industries, Pump, Compressor and Blower manufacturers, wrought material manufacturers of steel, bronze, copper and aluminum, Food Processors and Bottlers, Crane manufacturers and Theatrical rigging manufacturers, Mining Industry and Furnace manufacturers to name a few.

We are a global supplier providing product and service to customers in 39 states, 8 overseas countries and 3 provinces in Canada and growing.

Markets Served

Our reputation has allowed us to do jobs in production, manufacturing, contracting machine rebuild, and general maintenance manufacturing on a regular basis for industries such as:

  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Wire Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Monorail Manufacturing
  • Bus Manufacturing
  • Food Processors
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Pump Manufacturing
  • Compressor Manufacturing
  • Aluminum Manufacturing
  • Paper Mills
  • Railroad
  • Ski Lift Manufacturing
  • Air Filtration / Blowers
  • Beverage / Breweries / Bottlers
  • Hydraulic / Pneumatics
  • Air Conditioning Manufacturing
  • Foundries